Calhoun Fund

In 2010, the Arkansas Radiological Society began the discussion of how to provide funding for every UAMS Radiology Resident to be able to attend the national ACR meeting in Washington DC. Finally, in 2015, after numerous conversations with the residency program leadership, as well as many Arkansas radiologists, the Calhoun Fund was born.

Dr. Joseph Calhoun was the first radiology resident trained in Arkansas, and practiced here all his life. He had the ear of Congressman Wilbur Mills in the early 1960’s, as Radiology professional payment systems were being worked out in the new Medicare program. He was thus instrumental in establishing Radiology as a separate entity from hospital-based services. In 1978, Dr. Calhoun was elected President of the ACR. He was later awarded Gold Medals from both the ACR and the American Roentgen Ray Society.

We all owe Dr. Calhoun a great debt for his leadership that continues to benefit radiologists across the United States.

The Arkansas Radiological Society asks that you donate $50-$100 each year to support our endeavor to allow ALL Radiology residents to engage the ACR early in their careers. We feel that this will pay dividends in the future to encourage leadership activities, as well as awareness of the issues that face Arkansas radiologists today and tomorrow. Any excess funds will be used solely for support of the UAMS Radiology Residency Program.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Scott Harter MD
President, Arkansas Radiological Society 2017-2018