The American College of Radiology (ACR) advocates on behalf of the radiology profession and ACR membership to federal agencies, Congress, state legislative and regulatory bodies.  The Arkansas Radiological Society (ARS) is the state chapter of the ACR, and advocates for radiology at the state level

It is critical that we have strong national and state representation which simultaneously represents the interests of our profession and healthcare issues affecting Arkansans. We need all radiologists to become proactive in order to positively influence our future.

We encourage you to become a member of the ACR and the ARS to support advocacy activities at both national and state levels.

The Arkansas Radiological Society holds various activities throughout the year, including an annual Chapter Educational and Business Meeting, as well as the ACR Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.  The Arkansas Radiological Society also engages necessary political activities affecting Arkansas radiology professionals. 



Why Join the Arkansas Radiological Society?

1. The ARS advocates for legislation that affects radiologists
a. 2017 HB 2022 mandating coverage for screening mammography, DBT, and in patients with dense breasts, ultrasound screening
b. Supporting the upcoming push for a constitutional amendment to enact permanent tort reform measures

2. Engaging major insurance payers on behalf of Arkansas radiologists
a. Current discussion with ABCBS on where Radiology fits into the upcoming January 2019 rollout of their VBCI, which may substanially effect Arkansas radiologists' reimbursement.

3. The ARS supports Radiologist Education
a. The Society organizes a yearly CME meeting and Business meeting that provides several hours of CME. The meeting also gives radiologists across Arkansas the opportunity to gather and initiate or renew relationships with other radiologists in the state.

4. Supports Resident Engagement with the ACR
a. The Society has recently organized the Calhoun Fund, which provides the opportunity for EVERY UAMS Radiology Resident to attend the ACR meeting in Washington DC at least once during their training.

5. The ARS facilitates communication between Arkansas Radiologists with a new Website, and a recently initiated biannual Newsletter

We are working to make the profession of radiology in Arkansas as strong as it can be. Won't you join us?

Arkansas Physician Members
Retired* FREE
Active Member $150
Military & VA Hospital Physician $75

Post Residency/Fellowship Members
Active First Year out of Residency/Fellowship $50
Active Second Year out of Residency/Fellowship $100

Arkansas Physicist Members
Physicist $50

* Need to report retirement to ACR before membership fee can be waived.

Paying Arkansas Radiological Society Dues

    The ACR will be billing for ARS yearly dues when they bill for the ACR dues and payment will be sent to the ACR via their invoicing, then the ACR will provide direct deposit payment to the Chapter monthly.

AU.S. and Canadian* Physician Members

First year out of training $70
Second year out of training $240
Third year out of training $360
Fourth year out of training $570
Full physician member $900

U.S. and Canadian* Medical Physicist Members

First year out of training $60
Second year out of training $90
Third year out of training $145


Full medical physicist member $240
U.S. and Canadian* Allied Health Members $240
International Members (Physician or Medical Physicist) $355
International Member-in-Training
U.S. and Canadian Medical Student** Free
U.S. and Canadian Members-in-Training Transitional Residents, Residents, radiology-related fellows not yet in practice** Free

* Canadian members are entitled to a 50% discount on ACR dues. Membership in the Canadian Association of Radiology meets the bylaws requirement to join an ACR chapter.

** Eligibility is limited to medical students interested in becoming a radiologist. Requires completion of the member-in-training application form and upload of letter from program on school stationery verifying current status and including program start and end dates.

*** Covers internship year, four-year radiology residency and radiology-related fellowship training at an approved program. Requires completion of the member-in-training application form and upload of letter from program verifying current status with training start and end dates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Individual applications are not required for U.S. and Canadian residents in a four-year accredited residency in diagnostic radiology or radiation oncology since those program participants reported by the programs are automatically provided with complimentary member-in-training membership.

In 2015 The Arkansas Radiological Society put into place the Calhoun Fund to provide funding for all UAMS Radiology Residents to be able to attend the national ACR meeting in Washington DC.

The fund was named after Dr. Joseph Calhoun, the first radiology resident trained in Arkansas. Dr. Calhoun was instrumental in establishing Radiology as a separate entity from hospital-based services.

Dr. Calhoun was elected President of the ACR in 1978, and received Gold Medals from both the ACR and the American Roentgen Ray Society.

The Arkansas Radiological Society asks that you donate $50-$100 each year to support our endeavor to allow ALL Radiology residents to engage the ACR early in their careers. We feel that this will pay dividends in the future to encourage leadership activities, and awareness of the issues that face Arkansas radiologists today and tomorrow. Any excess funds will be used solely for support of the UAMS Radiology Residency Program.

Arkansas Radiological Society Dues

Payment Options